How Hockey And Hiking Have Teamed Up To Make The Ultimate Walking Stick – Our Patent-Pending


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You’re probably wondering if you read that right. Or if we made a typo (or two). But nope! We’re really talking about a Hikey Stick. So what is it exactly? And why do you need one (or two) in your life?

A Hikey Stick is a broken hockey stick that’s been repurposed into a hiking staff. It’s a perfect reflection of our Tend and Mend “there are no throwaways” motto. And it’s our first patent-pending idea turned fundraiser.

Two Hikey Sticks ready for action!

It all started when Jean and Scotty were brainstorming about ways to fund the new Tend and Mend headquarters renovations. Jean remarked how this property was located so close to the Appalachian Trail that doing something to appeal to hikers might be a good idea. Scotty then replied that he had a ton of broken hockey sticks just laying around from years of league play (turns out it seems EVERYONE who plays hockey regularly has a collection of broken sticks … since hockey is hell on sticks!). Scotty went on to say how these sticks’ lightness, toughness, weather resistance, and shape would make them great hiking sticks. “You mean Hikey Sticks,” Jean blurted out, and just like that, the idea was born.

Since this initial conversation in December 2020, the Tend and Mend board has been working on turning the Hikey Stick idea into a real hiking aid – and this process has allowed all of our members to pitch in. Each of us brings something different to the table. Our vice president Scotty has been in charge of gathering broken sticks (and so if you happen to have any old or broken sticks you’d like to donate to our cause, please give him a shout at scott@tendandmend.org). Treasurer and mechanical engineer John figured out the right inserts and carbide tips to fit inside these sticks of varying shapes and sizes. While Secretary Amy and CEO Jean have been working to pull it all together and create the actual Hikey Sticks. From cutting the broken sticks to securing tips to wrapping wildly colorful yet functional hockey and handlebar tape … Amy and Jean now have a system for making each piece an original work of art!

And so now, in Spring 2021, we’re gearing up to make these sticks available for the first time (hopefully by June). We’ll be offering each Hikey Stick for a suggested donation of $33 plus shipping. We’re taking pre-order information now, so if you’re interested, please email jean@tendandmend.org so you’ll be the first to know once our e-commerce store is up and running. Start thinking about the colors you’d like on your custom stick, as we will make each one by hand and so we can dress up one (or two) for you pretty much any way you’d like! Please know that we’re looking to make these sticks as beautiful and durable as we can, so if at any point over the years you have any issues with your Hikey Stick, you can send it back to us and we will fix it for free. Rest assured we 100% guarantee what we’re offering, and know that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing generosity and support.

Our VP Scotty rocking a Hikey Stick!

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