Who We Are

Meet Our Board Of Directors

We are Tend and Mend Foundation’s Board of Directors, the folks in charge of carrying out the Foundation’s mission – that of uplifting, inspiring, connecting, and empowering people, places, and pets. And we are absolutely committed to doing our work with clarity and integrity. So committed, in fact, that we have written into our bylaws a clause requiring any of us who wavers out of balance with our purpose to be brought back into alignment via the ways of indigenous people.

Called ho’oponopono, this Hawaiian form of prayerful intervention means “to make right”. Since ancient times across Polynesia, anytime a community member became untrustworthy in any way, the rest of the tribe would join together, lovingly and truthfully air the issue, and then everyone would help reach a peaceful resolution via consciously reconnecting to and offering unwavering support to the one out of harmony. Until the imbalanced person could once again regain the ability to maintain an honorable nature.

We invite you to get acquainted with us!

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